T e a c h i n g

Saxophones (beginning - advanced)
Voice (beginning - intermediate)
Piano (beginning)
Ukulele (beginning)
Clarinet (beginning)
Flute (beginning)

Stephanie has over 12 years of teaching experience as a private teacher, workshop instructor, sectional instructor, and teaching assistant.  Her patience and dedication has left her students happily coming back for years.  Her students range from a variety of ages, children to adults.

"With my broad musical knowledge from music education, performance, composition, engineering, as well as retail, I have created teaching strategies that have grounding as well as flexibility. The combination of the two helps in the growth of my students’ knowledge as a musician as well as inspires them to strive for self-goals and explore their interests outside of what they may believe music is or what is available. My ultimate goal is to make music a fun and challenging experience. I believe my lessons not only can be of use in the musical world, but can also help each student overcome obstacles in general and better equip them for their lives outside of music."